Triathlon Bikes


Triathlon bicycles differ from normal road bikes in that they have frames that are generally optimized for aerodynamics. Tri-bikes also utilize special handlebars called aero-bars or tri-bars, use aerodynamic wheels, and other special components. These types of bikes use a specialized geometry, including a steep seat-tube angle both to improve aerodynamics and to spare muscle groups needed for running. At the end of the bike segment, triathletes also often cycle with a higher cadence (revolutions per minute), which serves in part to keep the muscles loose and flexible for running. It is believed, though, that the primary benefit to cycling in a triathlon is that the strain of the effort is placed disproportionately on the slow-twitch muscle fibers, preventing the athlete from accumulating an oxygen debt before the run. If you have an up and coming triathlon to participate in and need a new bike, take a trip to Granada and let our experienced staff help you find the bike that’s right for you. Below are links to our brands tri-bike catalogs: