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Our History:

Granada Cyclery was purchased by Ken, the current owner, in 1978. The reason for the name “Granada Cyclery” is because changing the name at that time was too expensive, so the shop name remained. Our first location was on Fifth Street between 1978 and 1982. It was a small but good start. After that, we moved to First Capitol Street and stayed there until 1990. After this location, we moved again to St. Andrews plaza and were there for fifteen years! During these fifteen years we also had another location at Olive and a store named “Bicycle Basics” in O’Fallon. We finally decided to consolidate the shops and moved to our current location in 2005, purchasing the land and building our new and current facility. We plan to stay in this location and desire to continue to grow cycling in our community!

“We are a group of people who love bicycles!   We do it because we like to help people change their lives and lead a healthy/active lifestyle.”

A Truly Family Owned Business:

Here at Granada every one of Ken and Kim’s children have worked at the shop.  Currently the general manager as well as two of the salesmen are family members and most of the employees are long time customers and close family friends.  Our staff consists of Iron Man finishers to Katy Trail causal bike riders.  We like the atmosphere and comradery that family brings.  That is also why we are a non-commission store; our focus is to get you on the correct bicycle for your needs… not the most expensive for our own benefit!  Our adult bikes range from the $400s all the way to over $12,000- from a comfort bike to a tri-bike, we are positive that we have what you need.

4 Responses to About Us

  1. George Turpin says:

    I bought a Schwinn in 1997 and still have it. My wife and I both bought Schwinn’s and a pull along carriage for our daughter. About 7 years ago my wife sold her bicycle, and about 5 years ago we sold the pull along carriage. I still have my bicycle and use it every now and then. I still remember when we bought our bikes when you were at St. Andrews Plaza. I am an amputee and still ride your bike.


  2. Chris Kessler says:

    I have a Diamondback Topango that I need front and rear quick release wheels for. Can you tell me how much those run?

    • Brad says:

      You would be spending around 49.99 for the front and 59.99 for the rear depending on whether you have a freewheel or cassette, if your looking for black wheels they generally run about 10.00 extra per wheel.

  3. nICK kOETTING says:


    Do you perform service/tune-ups on a RALIEGH mountain bike that is approx. 12 years old? I haven’t had a tune-up on it for over 5 years now and the 3rd gear went out some time ago. Other than that just needs a lube job.

    Please advise. Thanks!

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