Bicycle Servicing

 Granada has a full service bicycle maintenance area with competent mechanics that have a wealth of knowledge and experience. We also have the expertise and necessary tools for numerous complicated jobs such as fork and shock rebuilds, disc brake bleeding, headset pressing and wheel truing. Granada has plenty of storage to safely house your bicycle before, during and after your service. If we do not have the correct parts or ability to fix a specific part of your bike, we can make the necessary arrangements to have it taken care of quickly. Our goal is to get you and your bicycle safely riding again within a matter of days, depending on our current service load (we strive for a two day turn around per bike). For bicycle labor pricing, see below.

Note: During our spring and summer months please make sure your bicycle is wiped down and fairly clean before bringing it in for any service. This will help our mechanics achieve a more accurate and quicker service, returning your bicycle ASAP.

Combination Labor Costs:

  • Tune-up: adjust brakes, shifting, headset bottom bracket, crank and hubs if necessary. True wheels and install other small parts. Cost: $69
  • Major Tune-up: normal tune-up including replacement of three or more cables and housing. Cost: $89 (parts extra)
  • Complete Overhaul: dis-assembly of entire bicycle to bare frame, overhaul of all bearing surfaces (re-greasing everything) and re-assembly. Cost: $189

Singular Labor Costs:

  • Tube and/ or tire install: $6 per wheel
  • Brake adjust and/ or install: $20 per brake
  • Wheel true: $20 per wheel
  • Wheel re-spoke: $40 per wheel
  • Hub overhaul: $20 per hub
  • Hub adjustment: $6 per hub
  • Headset install/ adjustment/ overhaul: $20 per headset
  • Bottom bracket overhaul /adjustment and/ or install: $15 per bb
  • Shifting adjustment: $20 per derailleur
  • Suspension fork overhaul: $45 per fork
  • Misc Install: $20/ hr