Mountain Bikes


Mountain bikes were created for off-road cycling, including the traversing of rocks, washouts, and steep declines, on dirt trails, logging roads, and other unpaved environments. Unlike road bicycles, the tires used on mountain bikes are usually  wide and knobby for good traction on uneven terrain and shock absorption. Since the mid-1990s, front wheel suspension has become the norm and since the late 1990s, full front and rear suspension has become increasingly common. We carry both front and full suspension mountain bicycles.

Since the development of the sport in the 1970s many new subtypes of mountain biking have developed, such as cross-country (XC) biking, all-day endurance biking, Freeride-biking, downhill mountain biking, and a variety of track and slalom competitions. Each of these place different demands on the bike requiring different designs for optimal performance. MTB development has included an increase in gearing, up to 30 speeds, to facilitate both climbing and rapid descents. However, recently the “2 by 10″ trend has emerged, simplifying the gearing to two sprockets in the front and 10 in the rear of the drive train. This allows for lighter component weights, greater ground clearance while still maintaining a large spread of gearing options. Two other aspects that the modern mountain bike includes are the disc brake (instead of rim brakes) and 29″ tires instead of the traditional 26″ tires. Disc brakes help riders stop in any weather and have much more brake modulation and strength. 29″ tires allow the rider to roll over terrain easier than with a conventional 26” tire. At Granada Cycles, we have an array of mountain bikes to choose from to suit your needs. Our knowledgeable staff is available get you on the right mountain bike according to your needs. We carry the following brands of mountain bikes (click on link to see mountain bike catalog):