Hybrid Bikes


Hybrid bicycles blend characteristics from road bikes, touring bikes and mountain bikes in order to create bikes stronger than road bikes, more generally capable than touring bikes and faster than mountain bikes. Hybrids often integrate triple crank chainrings, handlebars, upright posture and brake system of a mountain bike; the numerous accommodations for accessories (front and rear racks, water bottles, and fenders) of a touring bike; with the larger wheel diameter (often 700c) and lighter components of a road bike. They take the best of each style bike and combine them into a “do-it-all” type bicycle. Therefore, hybrid bikes have spawned numerous sub-categories satisfying diverse ridership. They are classified by their design priorities, such as those optimized for comfort or fitness — and those offered as city, cross or commuter bikes. We have a large variety of hybrids, both with suspension and rigid front forks in men’s and women’s specific bikes. Stop by to take a look at our selection or you can click on the link below to access our brands hybrid online catalogs: