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TDC 2014

Ladies and Gentlemen,                                    I hope all is going well!!
           It’s been a long cold winter, and like you I’m ready for warm weather and riding outside.
           Looking ahead to the upcoming cycling season one of the 1st events on tap will be the annual Tour de Cure, which takes place May 31st.I have Attach:the event flyer.Granada will once again be working with the TdC to support their efforts and make 2014 their most successful year so far
  In an on going effort to support the TdC, Granada is a TdC Top Shop participant again this year. What that means is sign up on line @ and save by using the promo code GRANADA. It’s a $15 savings in February and a $25 savings in March. Please have your team members,friends and family members sign up through the Granada Top Shop program and save,the program started in February and ends the last day of March, so don’t delay. Help us,help the Tour de Cure. 
   Granada is pleased to once again be hosting a training event for the TdC. It takes place on Saturday April 26 @ Granada.It will have both the 23 and 53 mile route options,sag support and refueling stations.  So mark your calendars
              All the very best in everything you do!!

ICE Dot Crash Sensor


ICEdot Crash Sensor


Truth of the matter is that nobody plans on crashing but it is a realistic possibility.  Whether you jumped on your trusty road machine for a short ride, or dive into the woods for some adventure, the chances of you taking a slam are ever prevalent, and always a possibility.  Between the massive amount of driver distractions and the joy of pushing your limits in the woods this handy device will give your family some peace of mind.

According to the national highway traffic safety administration, 48,000 cyclist were injured and 677 were killed in the United States in 2011.


     The CRASH SENSOR is a piece of hardware/technology that detects speed, change of force and impact.  It syncs with a smart phone app and is triggered when the helmet meets a force that’s great enough to cause a concussion.  After the sensor has been triggered it starts a timer/alarm on your cell phone.  If you are unable to turn of the timer/alarm in the allotted time frame (up to 2 minutes) your phone will automatically send a map and your GPS coordinates to your emergency contacts.  You can set up multiple contacts and everyone on the list will receive the same message.  You start a free online profile with the information you would like a emergency responder to have, for example your name, blood type, allergens, insurance carrier, emergency contact name and number.  If anything were to happen to you this company can save valuable time for the paramedics and doctors.


        ICEdot is an emergency ID and notification service innovating safety technology for athletes and outdoor enthusiasts. ICEdot syncs a secure online profile with products such as a band, helmet stickers or it’s latest product, the Crash Sensor. In Case Of Emergency, ICEdot has the ability share predesignated health and geolocation information over sms/text.  For the premium membership is will cost you only $10 a year, the first year of service is included in the price of the band/crash sensor.

We currently are stocking “the  band” in all three sized for $20 and the “crash sensor” for $150










Granada Cyclery Pedal The Cause Training Ride

Granada Tune Up Training Ride

Cycling 101 clinic Sunday May 5th at 2 p.m.

Sunrise Church
 7116 Twin Chimneys Blvd.
  O’Fallon Mo. 63368

Join the Sunrise cycling club for fun and refreshments while you learn the basics of bicycle handling, fit and maintenance from expert cyclist and triathlon competitor Larry Klutenkamper at this one of a kind event. There will be new 2013 bicycles available to ride. Come and experience the comfort and simplicity of a modern bicycle or bring your own.

The event will be hosted by Larry Klutenkamper from Granada Cyclery, a gifted and inspirational instructor who continues to compete at a high level at cycling events. Larry has competed in Ironmans and triathlons such as “The Escape from Alcatraz” where you swim from Alcatraz prison to San Francisco.
Practice new skills on an obstacle course. Learn basic maintenance and how to adjust your bicycle for easier riding.

Information about this event: under the calendar of events section or e-mail