BMX Bikes


BMX began in the early 1970s when children began racing their bicycles on dirt tracks in southern California, inspired by the motocross stars of the time. BMX racing was a phenomenon by the mid-1970s and continues today across the world. Much of the technology and purpose has evolved over the years but BMX bikes usually contain at least three characterisitics: a 20 inch wheelbase, single speed style gearing and larger, taller handlebars in comparison to mountain/road bikes. BMX bikes differ in use such as street, park, dirt, race and flatland/ freestyle. Each style bike has varying components to aid in that particular style of riding. For instance, dirt jumping BMX bikes are usually equipped with knobbier tires to help traction on the dirt. At Granada Cycles, we have numerous BMX bikes to choose from for any of the above styles of bike. Stop by to check them out or click on the link below to see an online catalog: